What to Do If a Co-Worker Receives an Electric Shock?

We all know that electricity can be dangerous and that basic first aid knowledge is important, but how good are you at staying up to date? Are your electrical items safe? And would you know how to help a co-worker if they received an electric shock?

We don’t often think about the accidents that can happen at home or in the workplace, but someone receiving an electric shock is something that could happen more easily than we think. It’s worth considering whether you would know what to do if a co-worker received an electric shock and how you can avoid accidents like this happening in the first place. Do not forget PAT Testing in every 2 to 3 months.

What to do immediately

Call 000 immediately if they are unresponsive, unconscious or seem to have irregular breathing or heartbeat and take instructions from the emergency personnel. Don’t touch them until all electricity has been turned off at the fuse box, all cords have been unplugged and you are sure they are no longer in contact with the source of the electricity.

It’s important not to place yourself in danger. Make sure the person is well clear of any electrical current before you touch them. If you have to physically move them away, then use an implement that doesn’t carry electricity – such as a wooden ruler or broom handle to move them to a safe position. Keep them away from water. Don’t touch them with anything wet.

If they have been shocked as a result of a fallen power line, stay at least 6 metres away from the cable.

What happens when someone receives an electric shock?

Electric shocks and burns happen as the result of live electricity travelling through someone’s body. They can be quite severe. In extreme cases, electric shock or electrocution can stop a person’s heart causing death. Even if someone has a mild electric shock, they still require medical treatment because the electrical current has travelled through their body and there can be internal organ damage. Try to contact Test and tag Melbourne

How can someone receive an electric shock?

People can receive electric shocks or burns for a number of different reasons but in general it’s as the result of an electrical fault. This could be a fault with the electrical circuit or occur because of a malfunctioning electrical appliance.

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The risk of receiving an electrical shock in the workplace should be very low if your workplace has followed recommended safety standards such as testing and tagging all electrical appliances, installing safety switches and regularly checking electrical circuits with electrical fault loop testing.

How can I protect workers in my business from the risk of electric shock?

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to your workforce and those that visit your business to provide a safe, electrical environment. The best way to make sure your working environment is safe is through regular electrical compliance testing including testing and tagging of all portable appliances used in the workplace. Testing and tagging ensures that all appliances used on the premises are safe to operate and there is no risk of any personal injury through electric burns or shocks.

Safety switches are also an important preventative safety measure to guard against electric shock. Safety switches immediately turn off the electricity in the event of an electrical fault. But in order for a safety switch to be effective, it needs to be connected to the right circuit. An electrician or an electrical compliance tester can advise if you have enough safety switches for your business and if they are connected to the appropriate circuits and appliances.

Electrical fault loop testing is something else to consider. This involves testing all electrical circuits in your business to ensure they are working correctly. Jim’s  Test and Tag have trained technicians who can conduct testing and tagging, safety switch testing and electrical fault loop testing for your business. With over 150 franchises across Australia, there’s bound to be one near you.

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