3 Tips for Choosing a Modern Security Door for Your Home

No matter what style of home you have, there is a modern security door to suit your needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are three tips for choosing a modern security door for your home.

If you’re the owner of an outdated security door, you might be considering upgrading to something modern. Over the last decade, security doors have improved in strength, durability and aesthetics so that many homeowners simply install them and then forget them – and that’s the point! A good security door will blend into your home and perform its duty without any input from you. 

Choose a modern security door to suit your home

The word ‘modern’ doesn’t have to refer to the look of the door, but rather the way it functions. Home security doesn’t mean attaching an ultra-modern looking door that will completely clash with your older-style home, nor does it mean heavy ugly bars. When choosing a modern security door, you can easily match the style of your home so that your door blends in and enhances the overall look of your property.

Jim’s Security Doors has a variety of safety doors to suit every home. We have:

  • Ornate cast-aluminium grilles for heritage-style homes;
  • Diamond grille doors to suit 1950’s to 1970’s style homes; and
  • Sleek, minimalist one-way/privacy mesh screens to suit modern-looking homes.

Choose a modern security door to suit your needs

There are many different functions a security door can perform and many different strengths of security. For example, households in high-crime areas might go all out with something like a PerfGuard or ScreenGuard security door, both of which exceed the Australian Standards for security doors and are top of the range. However, for areas that don’t see much crime or people looking to purchase a security door at a lower price point, a diamond grille door might be the best option. Diamond grille doors are secure and provide a barrier against burglars with a simple fly screen attached, or homeowners may choose to upgrade to a heavier pet mesh to enhance their security.

Talk to a consultant about your needs so that they can recommend the right security door to suit you and your household. Jim’s Security Doors offers a free measure, quote and consultation service to help clients explore their options in a no-obligation environment and still get the best advice.

Choose a modern security door manufacturer whose focus is YOU

Choosing the right security door is one thing, but you also need to ensure that the manufacturer produces quality modern front doors and provides everything that they promise. For example, some manufacturers might promise the same security screens strength from their mass-produced doors, but they don’t explain every door frame has subtle differences! As a consumer, this is something you might not realise. The only way to get a security door that fits perfectly to your frame is to have the door custom made.

Similarly, a manufacturer who promises to cut costs by letting you install it yourself is not telling you the whole story. Certainly, you can install your own security door, but a forthcoming manufacturer will take the time to explain to you that even the most secure of safety doors will never work properly if it is installed incorrectly. When you choose Jim’s Security Doors, we provide certified security door installers to ensure that your custom-made security door functions as it has been designed to and perfectly fits into your door frame.

Your security door performs the vital function of securing your Melbourne home against burglars and intruders, and your choice should reflect the gravity of this task. If you are considering installing a modern security door and would like some advice to help you explore your options, call Jim’s for Security Doors, Security Gates on 13 15 46 for a free consultation, measure and quote.