Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2017

Technology continues to redefine marketing. Before, small enterprises and even big companies have to go from house to house to distribute flyers and promote their business. Today, the internet makes it easier. For 2017, these are the top five digital marketing strategies that will surely help your business grow:

Build a website

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 20% of businesses in Australia still do not have a website. However, marketing experts suggest that businesses should have their own websites to establish their online presence. Based on a study by, 91% of successful businesses attribute website as one of their business growth factors.

Use social media

Social media marketing is the most powerful online marketing strategies. Why? It reaches millions of users worldwide, instantly. Based on statistics, there are over 4 billion social media account users. Facebook topped among other platforms. Social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have advertising tools to promote your business.

Upload videos

90% of the social media content are videos. Because of this, marketers see the potential of video to be used as a marketing tool. Today, videos can go viral instantly through social media, especially Facebook. According to HubSpot (2017), almost half of the marketers worldwide integrate Facebook video marketing into their strategies.

Send electronic newsletters

Email marketing has been here since the birth of the internet. It has continued to be an effective marketing tool. Based on statistics, over 4 billion people in the world use email. In fact, 300 billion emails are sent every day. Businesses take advantage of these numbers to reach their audience by sending daily newsletters. According to Econsultancy (2016), 75% of businesses believe that email marketing offers them an excellent return on investment.

Pay-per-click marketing

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC platforms on the web. It is a good investment for businesses. Why? You only pay for every click. Based on Google’s report, businesses earn at least $2 for every dollar they spend on Google AdWords. As a matter of fact, 72% of PPC marketers plan to increase their spending on Google AdWords.

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