5 Basic Steps To Start A Successful Email Campaign

Half of the businesses worldwide use email marketing as their primary digital marketing strategy. 75% of these businesses purchase marketing automation software (Venture Beat). Until today, email marketing remains one of the most effective strategies. With over four billion in the world who use email, email marketing will definitely help businesses reach their target audience across the globe.

If you are planning to do email marketing, here are the five basic steps for a successful email campaign:

Establish an email list

To start an email campaign, you must build an emailing list. On your website and social media page, invite users to subscribe to your newsletter. Make sure that the signup form can be easily seen. Some developers make signup invitation to popup on screen. Collect the subscriber’s name, birthdate, and let them complete the form that allows them to decide what kind of content and how often they want to receive a newsletter.

Welcome your subscriber

After their subscription, automatically send your new subscriber a welcome mail. Make sure that you make it personal by mentioning their name. It is also polite if you give them welcome deals and bonuses as a way of thanking them. In your welcome mail, make sure to inform your subscriber what to expect in their subscription.

Send contents that matter

Email marketers usually create groups which determine the type of content to be sent to this particular set of emails. This process is called “segmentation”. Do not send your subscriber some content that they did not ask for.

Avoid the spam folder

One of the greatest problems of email campaigns is the spam folder. To solve this, ask your subscriber to get you white listed upon sending the welcome mail. This will make your email a priority. Also, make sure that you team up with a reliable Email Service Provider (ESP) to avoid the internet from classifying you as a threat. Remember, the goal is the Inbox folder, not the Spam.

Optimize for mobile

Most people now use their smartphones to open an email. Well, you have to keep up. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Moreover, make sure that the content you send is also compatible with mobile interfaces.

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